Safe in My Arms



I used to read stories about true love

‘Til death do us part is what I dreamed of

Thought I’d found love to last for years

And it did, though it brought many tears

Of frustration, heartache and pain

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to try again


Thought about staying and working it out

But finally realized what love’s all about

From the moment I started talking to him

I felt the breath of life in my heart again

Felt the need to share my hopes and dreams

With someone who was more than he seemed


Counted the minutes as I watched the clock

Looking forward to the next time we could talk

Thought it’d be months or maybe a year

‘Til I could see him and have him near

Stubborn and determined to have him here

I knew my love could be the healing cure


To give him a second chance at life

I knew I would pay almost any price

I’ll be his angel to guide him to the light

To save his heart from the dark of night

All I wanted was to save him from harm

To hold him tight and safe in my arms


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